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Free online internet gaming has exploded over the past 10 years and now comprises of...

Free online internet gaming has exploded over the past 10 years and now comprises of a large collection of game developers, publishers, web portals and millions of casual game players. (This applies to Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms only.) Graphics appear to have digressed and are not as sharp as they were in BF3, in particular when observing the movements of other players. It has a choppy and laggy” feel to it, nowhere near as sharp. We all expected both to be phenomenal after watching the game trailers and were disappointed when they wound up looking like last decade’s BFBC. It appears they were concerned more with next-generation consoles when they put everything together. iSuppli, a well know Market researcher, did a break down on the cost of all the components used by Microsoft in the Xbox 360 and found that the cost per console is roughly $525, or almost $400 dollars less than then the Sony PS3. One good thing though, a few organizations made the decision to benefit from the substantial demand of customers who want to back-up their video games, and have established the technology needed to override the game’s safeguards. Not just can you read the data included on the disk by means of this software, but it also helps you copy the game.

I have a ps3 and it is sick nasty. There is really no comparison on the market as far as compatibility and functionality. I have an older one, so all my ps2 titles work fine(kinda stinks they don’t work on ps3 slims though). But, since so many great ps3 games have come out, my ps2 titles have become as rarely used as my x box. The Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 have very similar game titles as many of the same games are ps3 published on both systems. If you are into high-definition graphics, high quality sound, and the most visual appealing games, you might want to consider both the Xbox 360 and PS3. If you want to play your games online with your friends, the Xbox Live system is considered the best for usability and consistency. The PS3 Home online system is good as well but the Xbox 360 online platform is the best available right now.