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Complete holiday quests, battle with unvaulted items, and more in Fortnite’s 2021 Winterfest

Winterfest is back in Fortnite! Running from December 16 at 6 AM PT to January...

Winterfest is back in Fortnite! Running from December 16 at 6 AM PT to January 6 at 6 AM PT, Sgt. Winter will be handing out 14 Presents — including two festive outfits — for you to unwrap. 

Here’s a peek at what the Presents are in addition to the two outfits: two Pickaxes, two Wraps, a Glider, Contrail, Emote, Lobby Track, Loading Screen, Emoticon, Spray, and Banner.

Welcome Back to the Winterfest Lodge

Sgt. Winter and your presents will be waiting for you at the Winterfest Lodge. To enter the Lodge, head over to the snowflake tab in the Lobby. If you miss any days of opening Presents, you can always come back and open them before Winterfest ends.

We don’t wanna spoil all the gifts you’ll be receiving, but we’ll at least reveal the outfits. One is Krisabelle, a festive take of the community-inspired Isabelle, and the other is Polar Peely, one cool banana (literally).

Ice Cold Armory

Cool cosmetics aren’t the only gifts Sgt. Winter is bringing to the Island. He’s opened an armory full of familiar icy items. Give your opponents (or yourself) ice block feet with Chiller Grenades. Launch explosive snowballs with Snowball Launchers. Disguise yourself with the Sneaky Snowman. And up your loot game with the Holiday Presents throwables.

In the Item Shop: Spider-Man and MJ from Spider-Man: No Way Home (Plus More Outfits)

There’s classic Spider-Man of the Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass, and soon No Way Home Spider-Man and MJ will be coming to the Item Shop for Winterfest. (Just in time for the movie’s release!) The Spider-Man (No Way Home) and MJ (No Way Home) outfits will be in the Item Shop starting December 16 at 4 PM PT. Put on and take off No Way Home Spider-Man’s mask with his built-in Emote!

More new outfits will be rotating into the Shop throughout Winterfest, including those inspired by June’s Concept Royale winners @lbdart_ and @AltaCalls. This Concept Royale was our callout for two exceptional, wintry concepts to be transformed into outfits. Returning winter outfits will be rotating into the Shop during Winterfest as well.

Sgt. Winter and his trusty Red Nosed Ranger chauffeurs will be roaming around the Island, spreading the holiday joy by throwing out Holiday Presents. Don’t do something to get you on the Sergeant’s naughty list, though, or else he and the Rangers will go from joyful to hostile quick.

So stay nice, unwrap your presents in the Lodge, and have a happy Winterfest.

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