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If you are the lucky owner of an XBOX 360, you may have wondered before if it is possible to copy xbox 360 games using your computer. You can also buy a HD-DVD drive for your Xbox 360 console for around £99 at the time of writing, which is superb if you want to start watching movies in High Definition. Ryouta Sakamota is a NEET who lives with his mother. He is an ace player of the video game Btooom! One day, he wakes up and finds himself in a tropical ps3 island, equipped with various weapons and a crystal embedded in his left hand. He sees a person and calls for help, but the man responds by throwing a bomb at him. He realizes that he is trapped in his favorite video game, battling it out with other trapped players. The only way out is to kill the other seven gamers before they kill Ryouta. – With it, you can backup games from just about any console present on the market. It even works for PC games.

Gameplay wise, aside from the freedom of choice, the Mass Effect games take their combat cues from third person shooters, most notably Gears of War, with some physic powers (which take the place of magic) thrown in and its heavy on the RPG mayonnaise. It all works and I have nothing more to say on that aspect. What I found infinitely more interesting though, was the interaction that Shepherd has with his crew. In between all the running and shooting, Shepherd and his (or her) crew hang out on his ship the Normandy, and you can go around and talk to them and get to know their stories, which in turn, can lead to things like side quests, and even possible romance. This is what I like because unlike many western developed RPGs, the Mass Effect games doesn’t sacrifice story for gameplay, it finds a happy balance between the two. And as a result, it’s a shining example of what video games as a narrative medium can actually do.