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There has been a constant and healthy rivalry between many of the gaming providers and this holiday season is going to be no different for the two big gaming giants. Xbox 360 Arcade console with white wireless controller. The Arcade is cosmetically identical to the Core model. Very informative and thought-provoking hub. I agree with your list. There are many other concerns we face as a global community but they can be sub-classified within your grouping. This took a lot of research and effort to write. I appreciate your time. Thanks. Your number 1 is oh so true! Understanding man’s propensity for ps3 violence goes back to chapter 3 of Genesis. It’s been here a long time. I think bf3 is the best first person shooter of all time. Ive looked at my play time and have a little under 200 hrs of play time. Plus 150 hrs on my other profile when i played back in 2012. I watched youtube vids on bf4 and i wasnt impressed at all. The style and graphics was so diminished along with other things. But i just bought bf4 and im going to check it out at a gameplay exp. And see what comes up. Dont expect any different feelings towards the game. Wish me luck soldiers, see you on the battlefield. OVER AND OUT.