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Stuck in a traffic jam or getting bored in the office, mobile phones can come to our rescue. Assassin’s creed has always been one of my favorite games but this viking story line is just off the charts. The graphics are perfect and manageable and i for one can’t wait to see its game play on PS5. One reason why role playing games are generally popular and translate well to mobile phones is the emphasis on storytelling. Much like the ps3 text-based role playing games of old, the current crop of mobile phone role playing games have put more emphasis on how the story unfolds and develops as you progress deeper and deeper into the game. Genuine relationships these days are ruined because there is so much exposure thanks to media. People, becoming more influenced by what they see, end up doubting and leaving relationships because their partner is not like others.

I grew up in the arcade era, when the games first came out and games like “Pac Man”, “Berserk”, “Centipede” & “Defender” ruled the minds of young boys. I can’t even remember how many quarters I dropped in those machines and for that reason getting good on them was a matter of justifying the expense; if I could play longer on a quarter it seemed less like a waste of money. I grew up in an area where when I was younger I played basketball and swam in a lake, as well as spending days exploring the forest that went for miles behind our house. Yes, “idyllic” describes my childhood. In order to play in arcades, I had to ride my bike some 3 miles into town and then to the arcade the next town over-not horrendous but certainly more effort than my nephews make today for sure.