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ANDR01D writes PC game reviews and shares his views on the video game industry. Dr. Angela Y. Davis was a strong figurehead for the Black Power movement in the United States and a prominent activist for the Black Liberation movement. At the Toronto International Festival of Authors in association with Humber College last year, Dr. Davis explained to the crowd the importance of political and social movements. She said in her keynote speech that, as from the civil rights movement, there was a kind of knowledge that emerged precisely ps3 from the unfolding of the struggle that could not have been assumed in advance. Dr. Davis explained that without these different movements taking place while learning and working with one another, there wouldn’t have been as much knowledge and progress as we have seen to this day. Dr. Davis expressed her excitement in the current day movements led by young people such as Black Lives Matter, Women’s March, and Extinction Rebellion but she also passed her judgment on the divisions that we’re seeing between movements now.