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There are a few free internet based golf games that provide a challenge, are lots of fun, and can actually help with the mental part of your golf game. It’s important to point out that this program can also make copies of other games such as games for the Nintendo Wii, the first ps3 or PS2 and all the other systems that use game discs. And it might be the case that your granddaughter is a slight bit younger than me, but I know plenty of people around my age have the same argument of PC versus console with regards to who the “real gamers” are. Social Media is a hang-out for narcissists and angry uninformed people. The whole phenomenon is getting old. Without Black Isle and it’s awesome turn-based strategy series, Fallout, and its predecessor, Wasteland (which is getting a sequel as we speak), we wouldn’t have had Fallout 3 or New Vegas. Black Isle did post-apocalyptic themed games before they were cool. And it’s good to see they’re making a comeback.