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Quality graphics, 3D animation, and enhanced audio and video systems have allowed game designers to develop some of the best games the world has seen. Lots of the youth globally are going to compete on prices especially on Covid-19 related challenges and the United nation Sustainable development goals. Whiles it is no doubt that certain members of this country can benefit from this, I envisage that there will be more awards if the government collaborates with the youth. As it stands now, though I may be mal-nourished on decision makings and policy implementations but the little knowledge ps3 garnered through international collaborations and youthful association reveals to me that people who participate in such competition are those who by chance encounter them on social media or through rigorous search with search engines. This altogether is not bad but I believe reduces the number of participation and inclusion as a nation. I suggest that it will be of essence for the government of Rwanda to take up the task to developing a roadmap for youth participation in promoting participation in covid-19 challenges and the UN SDGs goals and other relevant competitions.

Nintendo however, wisely decided to take a different approach instead of challenging the strength of the two gaming giants in terms of gaming power, it rather chose to emphasize gameplay. Comparatively simple games such as Wii Sports and Wii Fit became increasingly popular, making Nintendo Wii the best selling Nintendo home console and a surprising runaway leader of the seventh generation of consoles. The most significant change will have to be the “nerf” to Kelen’s Dagger of Escape, also known as the Blink Dagger. Well folks, Blink Dagger will have to be the more appropriate name here since the blink ability is disabled for THREE whole seconds (counting from the last time you were hit). If you’ve watched tournament replays before, it’s easy to see how Kelen’s Dagger of Escape is a fitting name. With this change, the dagger will probably be used for the occasional escape. An escape which you most probably would have accomplished without the dagger in the first place. The dagger will be primarily be used as a positioning tool for a key abilities, such as Epicenter, Reverse Polarity, Echo Slam or Freezing Field.