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The Xbox 360 Console

There are two kinds of people in this world; X box fans and PlayStation 3 fans and people that like both come few in between. Multimedia Capabilities: Both consoles boast great multimedia capabilities as both boxes can stream video, music and have an in-built WI-FI. In terms of graphics PS3 has a better experience especially when playing Blu-Ray movies (which by the way is a PS3 exclusive). Xbox appears to cancel that out by given user a better HD gaming experience which gamers will no doubt love. If multimedia capabilities however is one of your deciders, you might want to look the way of the PS3 as it has a bit more to offer than the Xbox 360. In June 2011, Microsoft announced a “Limited Collector’s Edition” Xbox 360 S console to coincide with the launch of Gears of War 3, which featuring custom finish, 49 a 320 GB hard drive 49 and sounds from the Gears of War 3 game which are played when the console is switched on or the disc tray is opened.

You must get rid of all video games. they are a disease beyond all diseases for our children and major companies are exploiting our gullibiliity and laziness as parents. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 – An Electronic Arts golf sports game for Nintendo Wii providing players the ultimater golf swings, golf starts and courses that are most famous in real life golf World challenge. 27 more courses and availability of playing US open, PGA tour and many more. I don’t agree with you about sports and violence – I read a study once which claimed children who participated regularly in sports activities were actually less aggressive. Also, it has been proven that children who play violent computer games show less empathy in the period following the game. When you access it, you’ll see that the content is mostly related to game manufacturers, what they plan on creating, what they’ll release in the near future, as well as all the new and incredible deals that were signed between some enterprises – hence, you’ll be able to learn a lot of new information.

its a Playstation network game, its 9.99. Developed by 3T Games and published by Ultimate Games, Smuggler Simulator aims to be an open-world, 3D procedurally generated game. With that, it also lets players decide between the more traditional smuggler tactics or seeing if a solution taken straight out of Jackass” will work, to spice up the gameplay a bit more. Sorry to break this to you guys, but the developers emphasized the fact that putting zombies on the Wii was an experiment, so of course you won’t have all ps3 of the features of the Xbox PS3 and PC. In addition, World at War for the Wii didn’t have zombie mode. The Wii has terrible graphics (compared to the other consoles) and simply can’t handle a lot of the material other consoles can. Sorry. In my opinion, the Wii isn’t good for shooters (except the first Red Steel. The second Red Steel sucked really bad. It’s luke a downgrade from the original.). It’s good for games like Wii Sports Resort or other fun little mini game-type things, but not all-out hardcore gaming.