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When you think about zombie games the first thing that might come to your mind is ‘scary’. As far as gameplay goes, anyone who fondly remembers old school RPGs (particularly Final Fantasy 6-10) will feel right at home here. Lost Odyssey stubbornly kept to old school mechanics with its turn based battles, world map, random encounters and what have you. These mechanics still work and I have no problem with them. learning spells and skills depends on whether a character is Immortal or not. Mortal characters like Jansen learn skills by leveling up or buying them in stores ps3 or by equipping items, whereas immortal characters, like Kaim and Seth, learn skills by linking with mortal characters and learning their skills or by equipping items. Basically, while some skills are better suited for certain characters, immortal characters are pretty much completely customizable. I don’t really have a single bad thing to say about how this game. It’s basically everything that the Final Fantasy series has lost. And many, including myself, speculate that this is what Final Fantasy XII would have been like if Sakaguchi hadn’t left Square Enix.