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What’s Better, The Xbox 360 Or The PlayStation 3?

Over the years, the pc gaming industry had evolve from the generation of a 486 processor to the high performance dual core processor which supports serious players with ultra high end graphic card. Grand Theft Auto V is a popular console game that was launched for PC. The game allows you to explore the interactive and detailed world of Los Santos. This installment offers thrilling experience, richer graphics and a much smoother gameplay. This sounds like a pretty glowing endorsement, and it is. Gamers new to the PS3 who want a great system on a budget should definitely check out the ps3 PlayStation 3 slim model. However, it is not perfect. Like many versions of the PS3, this model has no PS2 backwards compatibility. This means that no PlayStation 2 games are playable on this console. This has been a major sticking point with Sony fans and it is still one of the most requested features for newer consoles. Yep own a PS3, 360 and wii. Do I think PS5 is, in any way, bad? Hell no! I’m just not impressed. Maybe once it’s been out for a couple years, the price has come down, and they’ve had a chance to release a good selection of games for it, then I’ll pick it up.