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My blood for games

Windows Mobile Tower Defense

As you are no doubt aware there are 3 main contenders this year PS3, Xbox 360, and the Nintendo Wii. I don’t see how video gaming is different from anything else besides being electronic? Too much of anything is bad, including reading, going out with friends, sports, and other accepted hobbies. Too much time spent reading will cut back on time with friends or time to do your own thing, instead of experiencing others’ stories. Too much time with friends may prevent you from being an active learner, or become too dependent on them. Too much time with sports will bring on an obsession ps3 with all the players and colleges. No different from these are video games, too much time on them will do what? Rot your brain? An extreme exaggeration. The downsides of video games are the same as any other hobby. Recent player figures seem to demonstrate that scratch players are increasing and that more people are open to trying scratch based games than ever before. Scratch sites and online casinos are leading the way in not only creatively crafted promotions and bonuses but lucrative and impressive business deals that are being used in other online industries.